Starbase 621

The Sim

"It doesn't matter what's in front of her, because she knows who's behind her." - Annonymous

Our Story

Regional Map

Situated on the Frontier, Heimdall Station sits near the crossroads the four major regional powers of the United Federation of Planets, Breen Confederacy, Cardassian Union, and on the doorstep of the Tzenkethi Coalition.  All have fought against the Federation, and sometimes each other, over the last few decades.  This leaves the region as a powder keg of a political hot spot.  

Starbase 621 was set to be the site of Gul Dukat's war crimes trial as well as the storehouse of intelligence data gathered on the other three nations during Project Mungin.  Now, it stands watch over the Federation Frontier.  It's mission is to both defend the border as well as to foster a new spirit of cooperation and diplomatic ties with the other powers.  Much like the Norse god Heimdall, the station stands as the Gatekeeper but also as a beacon of the Federation's light.  The base also houses a campus for Starfleet Academy for fourth year cadets and exchange officers in an attempt to give cadets experience that is not as sterilized as the San Francisco campus.

With the station's occupying a major crossroad area, SB 621 offers a large citizen residency and a bustling economy.  The Promenade is over a hundred decks and business of all kinds are welcome.  Citizens aboard are given unprecedented privilege as they are able to function on their own and even have their own governing body, as long as they operate within Federation Law and acknowledge that the base is ultimately Starfleet's.