Starbase 621



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In the weeks and months following the attack on the base, Starfleet has poured resources into the base in order to repair and refit it to meet the current standards of Obsidian Fleet. Now that it has been deemed safe for civilians, the docks and hangers have been re-opened for civilian use. Some residents are moving back and a few businesses are reopening as the sting of the attack has scared many away. In order to combat this, Task Force 72 has decided to hold a technology conference at the base in order to both boost morale and to act as a showing of power to the region.

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Long Road

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The former Commanding Officer of SB 621 and his team have been sent on a top secret mission to uncover a dangerous group that may hold the very heart of the Federation in its grips.

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Side Clicks

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This is a side mission that is always available. It is a place to tell stories that don't nessesarily fit within the confines of a particular mission. Back stories, personal relationships, and all kinds of character and world building adventures are welcome.

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Welcome Home

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While we await the arrival of the senior staff, the station is making ready for a large diplomatic summit. With the arrival of diplomats from the Romulan Empire, Cardassian Union, and Tzenkethi Alliance, the Federation is primed to begin an era of unheard of diplomatic relations with its most reclusive neighbors and former enemies. The station is buzzing as the entire population of the station readies to become the center of the news.

Fade to Black

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War Games

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Posts associated with the TF 72 War Games taking place at the Andorian Proving Grounds. The main battle posts will take place offsite as it is CO only, but we can have our own fun here.

Repair and Refit

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A small side mission that takes place during the period between Episodes 2 and 3. This is for stories to catch us up on our characters and explore what our characters did during the in-between period.

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