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Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Amaya Lance & Letan Jhorath

Mission: Repair and Refit
Location: Academy Commandant's Office
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"Cadet...Jhorath?" Amaya struggled to fully pronounce the name.

"Lieutenant Commander." The young Romulan was rigid, though her eyes darted around possibly more alert and suspicious than most would be. Amaya found herself studying her facial expressions for clues, but coming up short.

"I have here a report from the Chief Medical Officer. Do you know what it says?" Amaya asked, waving a PADD.

"At a guess...hyperextension tendon injuries to the left knee, compound fracture of the right trapezium, and a light facial contusion." It was as though the young woman had them memorised. "Estimated recovery period less than seven days for a standard human male."

"Don't forget the damaged pride of a Starfleet Ensign," Amaya noted. "You probably don't want to see the recovery time on that..."

"I wasn't aware there was one."

Amaya paused, not sure whether to laugh or berate the cadet standing before her. The report was concerning, in a number of ways. Then again, they were almost certainly very similar to the sort of report her counterpart at San Francisco would have received too. This wasn't the first footnote on Cadet Jhorath's record.

"I imagine you have an eidetic recollection of the events that ocurred, so I won't bother asking," Amaya said. "However, although Ensign Ritter was reticent about pressing charges, I have half a mind to; the academic term has barely even started and I have a cadet in my office accused of having assaulted a Starfleet Ensign in public. I have to set a precedent that such behaviour doesn't go unpunished." She paused. "You have the right to make a statement, cadet."

"Why?" Letan asked, as though her version of events was somehow irrelevant. She pointed to the PADD. "I believe my statement has already been made."

"I see." Amaya again had to hold her cool, thankful for the practice she had at it. "And what sort of punishment do you think would be appropriate?"

"An official reprimand is the regulation corrective action, Commander," Letan replied, barely skipping a beat.

"No." Amaya took the briefest moment to smile as the Romulan wavered, confused.

"An...apology?" The word escaped as though it were utterly foreign and almost certainly nauseating to the young woman. Amaya just shook her head.

"I'm not blind," Amaya said. "And I do have a scientific background as well as some personal combat training from a Starfleet Marine Captain," she explained. "What was it you said...a statement?" She tossed the PADD onto her desk. "Quite honestly I'm disappointed you only put him down for a week."

"Commander...?" Letan's pointed eyebrow raised, her expression questioning.

"Men such as Ensign Ritter aren't completely unknown to me, Cadet. Nor did it escape my notice that he was unwilling to proceed with a complaint. As a trained and disciplined officer, I know you wouldn't have started a confrontation unless explicitly provoked." She looked meaningfully across at Letan, an unspoken word of understanding starting to develop.

"No reprimand. No apology. But..." Letan processed with curiosity.

"There are always consequences, Cadet Jhorath," Amaya noted. "You did assault a man." She motioned to another PADD she had on her desk. "I have a friend, here on the station. Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih. Whether you know her already or not is irrelevant, because you're about to. I'm going to arrange for you to receive some personal mentoring. One-to-one, on a weekly basis for the rest of the term. Call it a probationary period. If you fail to impress Lieutenant t'Ehhelih, then perhaps the consequences will be more severe. Do you understand?"

Letan stared at her for a few seconds. The cogs were ticking silently.

"A mentor?" she queried, as though it were unfathomably alien to her as a concept.

"A statement." Amaya smiled. "You're dismissed, Cadet."

"Commander." Letan nodded stiffly, then turned and left, probably feeling a little less sure of herself than when she had entered.

Lt Commander Amaya Lance
Academy Commandant
Starbase 621

Cadet Letan Jhorath
Security Track
Starbase 621 Academy
(PNPC Amaya)


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