Starbase 621

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Of past Traditions & Transgressions...

Posted on Thu Jul 2nd, 2020 @ 4:43pm by Lieutenant Jamilia "JJ" Abdallah

Mission: Unbroken
Location: Cardassia Prime (Secret Location)_
Timeline: Twelve years ago...
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Screams echoed about the enclosed windowless chamber, the polished plasteel walls giving no evidence to its location. Bright, glaring industrial style lighting from the high ceiling reflected off the walls and decking and gleamed from the raised apparatus in the middle of the room.
A white-robed Cardassian leaned over the prisoner, an inert half-naked Cardassian male strapped into an outlandish device of movable metal arms and appendages like some mad love-child of a spider and a robot.

“This brings back memories” Legate Archen mused as he sipped a glass of kanar, looking through the one-way observation window. The tall, aging Cardassian shrugged his broad shoulders touching the comms panel to one side. “Give him some water” he commanded.

“Time for refreshments?” Jamilia asked sarcastically as she brushed away her loose hair.

“No” Archen mused. “You must remember, Glinn Hesak, there is an artistry to interrogation. A regulated balance of patience, fear and the possibility of reprieve… however unrealistic for the subject”

Jamilia looked at her reflection in the observation window - the grey skin, scales and raised neck ridges of a typical Cardassian female though she was a bit short for the race despite the false heels in her boots. The things we do for career and commitment she thought. She was no lover of the tight fitting black uniform, either.

“It is a matter of commitment and, as ever, of duty” Legate Archen continued as if reading her thoughts.

“I thought you said he’d made a full confession?” Jamilia/Hesak replied looking across at the aging Cardassian Chief of Intelligence.

Archen laughed, slapping the arm of his chair with a large hand. “You see, you still do not understand my dear” the Legate explained as if to a child. “It is not a matter of confession… It is all about the rite of passage… The expectation of the subject and the relationship with the inquisitor. Of course it is also a matter of tradition… If we did not question the subject his associates and compatriots may come to expect equal lenient treatment at the hands of the state. And, thus, raise a serious president of the relationship between citizen and state”

“You are, ever, a traditionalist” Jamilia stated as a fresh chorus of screams echoed from the chamber beyond.



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